Happy Friday beautiful friends!

I know, it has been so long since I last posted. What can I say, I got caught up… life got in the way… I started to grow fearful that my words didn’t have meaning or worth. I think this happens often in my life… I get excited about something & the fire begins to burn violently & I yearn to put my “all” into whatever that something is…. and then fear slowly creeps in.

As most of y’all know I moved from Miami to Nashville last Monday. Just like that, I packed up my Nissan Sentra, and only brought what could fit in my tiny little “Lady Bug”. Truly, the first time in my life I have mustered the courage to do something bold like that. And I believe it is because God did a huge work in my heart this past year, through the trials & pain & heartache; & I fully believe He will continue to do that work in me for His good as long as I continue to set my eyes on Him, & just S U R R E N D E R.

Surrender, that is my 2015 word. I think we all should have a word for this year, its going to be a great one- a year that we all get the opportunity to love deeper than we ever thought we could, to take chances that we would never have done before, & to experience God in all His glory like never before. All He really asks of us, is to say yes, to have a willing heart- & more than likely we have no idea how the plans & paths He is leading us to will pan out, but that is okay- because He is worthy of our trust.

He is faithful.

My hearts desire is to be consistent in blogging- I am looking forward to sharing great recipes, the majority of them crafted by my miracle mama or my wonderful daddy. & I plan on sharing how God is moving through this new season of my life here in Nashville, how He has and continues to heal my heart. AND I hope to bring guest bloggers to write about anything that inspires & speaks about joyful & purposeful & intentional living.

Nashville has been quite special so far, I am excited to share this journey God has called me on with you, sweet friends.

Light & love,


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beauty in the aftermath

Tomorrow marks nine months. It truly feels like a lifetime. It’s so easy to quickly forget just how far God has carried our family. My prayer is that I continually treasure the sweet beauty in the ashes and the imminence of God in the struggle this past year. He works all things for our good. Even a terrible car accident. Even a traumatic brain injury. Even what we believe to be shattered dreams. Even hopelessness. Even broken hearts.


Even when we have lost our way, when everything seems to be crashing down, and we fight to stand up, He is there.

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

“Not only is all your afflictions momentary, not only is all your affliction light in comparison to eternity & the glory there; but all of it is totally meaningful. Every millisecond of your pain from the fallen nature or fallen man, every millisecond of your misery in the path of obedience is producing a peculiar glory you will get because of that.” – John Piper

I am in the midst of a new season that God has brought about, and it is so dear. Life may have changed, yet I will praise Him.





clear eyes&full heart

God has shown abundant mercy in so many small&big ways. He is frequently reminding me of His boundless love and care for us, His beloved people. His light always shines through, despite our circumstances. Although our sights and pathways get blurred, we are led back to His promises and wonder.  He is ever-so- faithful.

But we do have to choose how we respond, we can move forward in hope&love or choose otherwise. He will take our messes, shortcomings, inadequacies, and wrecked pieces and yield His lovely glory. All the while, satisfying all the void places in our hearts and overflowing us with His ample grace&love.

So press on today, sweet friend, Joy will arise in the morning. His word stands true. He heals. He rebuilds. Always. Momentary trouble in exchange for an eternal glory. He proves all things are possible.

“The only love that won’t disappoint you is one that can’t change, that can’t be lost, that is not based on the ups and downs of life or of how well you live. It is something that not even death can take away from you. God’s love is the only thing like that.” (Timothy Keller, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering, pg. 304) 

to my mama, you are fierce fighter & my wonderwoman. You inspire me every day, with your strength&boldness. You are the definition of tangible grace& second chances. You are the beauty in the aftermath. I love you, and stand in awe at your relentless determination to make progress & commitment to never give up. Thanking God for you each day, my miracle mama.





love is a timely redemption, daily tenderness, secret strength, love is God with us.

God has really changed my heart the past few years, but especially in the past year of my life. He’s been redefining the meaning of love and relationships, not just in the context of intimate relationships, but simply, all of my relationships. He has used some incredible people and some challenging circumstances to give my life new meaning. I am thankful for the books I have read, filled with an abundance of wisdom, which have really shaped my understanding on love. The Bible being the main source of these teachings and promises, in correlation with The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller, has made a big impact and given me a new perspective.

The capacity to love is the greatest gift God has blessed us with and we are able to love, only because, He first loved us {1 John 4:19}. There is a particular book in the Bible that has taught me and continues to reveal to me, love as a commitment. Through such commitment, ultimately allows Gods faithfulness to show. There is a particular person in my life that has taught me and continues to teach me about love and the everyday decision to love. Her obedience and commitment to God allows His love to shine through her, in her actions and in her words, with every person she encounters. The book in the Bible is Ruth and the person is my sister, Amaya. My sweet sister and Ruth have similar Christ-like qualities; commitment, obedience, compassion, drive, vision, humility, but not limited to just those.

For those of you not familiar with the Book of Ruth, it is one of the most beautiful love stories in the Bible. Rooted in unwavering commitment, unexpected grace and unconditional love. Ruth’s commitment to love and her act of obedience to Naomi was used by God in many ways, but ultimately, in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Much like Ruth, my sister has always been committed to working hard and desiring to be aligned with Gods calling for her. She graduated from University of Florida, moved to Nashville for her masters at Vanderbilt University, and studied to become a Nurse Practitioner. During the first couple of years in Nashville, God really moved in her life. She got plugged into a great church and community, where the Lord began transforming her heart, reflecting Him. As her younger sister, one who has always looked up to her, I immediately noticed the changes, which now I can acknowledge as the fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control {Galatians 5:22-23}. It was because of her decision to abide in the Lord in surrender, embracing His plan, she has been blessed abundantly. Like Ruth, Amaya chose to “glean in the field”, working hard towards her career, investing in relationships, with her heart set on the Lord, confident that He was going to provide in every area of her life.  I am so sure God has used Amaya’s faithfulness and love to bless many people in the past 5 years. I cannot help but feel so grateful for her humility in loving me for who I was then and who I am now. Being such an example of life in Him has had a direct influence on my own love and zeal for the Lord.  I truly believe because of her faithful prayers for my heart, God answered, and through her love in action, I was blessed to see a beautiful depiction of Christ’s love in my life.

Y’all must be wondering why I am sharing this with you….well…..about a year ago Amaya starting dating Anders, an amazing man that loves the Lord. From the beginning of this relationship, I have witnessed the fruit of the Spirit and a light and joy in Amaya like never before. I could probably speak for her, in saying that these months after our mom’s car accident, challenges and struggles have arisen, as it has been a very tough season for our family. I am so thankful that even in this season, the friendship and love has grown between Amaya and Anders. Their relationship has only become sweeter and deeper. I have witnessed more of Christ’s character in my sister through this season of hardship than any other season.

More peace, more trust, more contentment, more joy, more gratitude, more compassion, and more love.

On their one year anniversary, last Saturday, Anders proposed to my sweet sister! Our whole family is overwhelmed with joy and we are excited to continue to witness Gods amazing work through them.

“[Spiritual friendship] is eagerly helping one another know, serve, love, and resemble God in deeper and deeper ways.”- Timothy Keller


Anders and Amaya are both incredible individual people seeking the Lord and together, they are an explosion of love and Gods faithfulness. I’m eager to celebrate their love!

This post, is but a small tribute for my radically amazing sister, in celebration of Gods favor, for the new chapter she is beginning with Anders. I am truly thankful for the both of them, their example, and their relationship in my life. It has encouraged me in so many ways. I am hopeful and expectant that God is going to be glorified in their marriage and He will use them both to further His Kingdom.


okay, off I go to plan the wedding of the century! One that will have out of this world food, dancing till our feet can’t stop, and a reunion filled with whimsy and joy.


To my lovely single friends, I pray this post is an encouragement for you. Let me remind you, He hasn’t forgotten about us, dear friend- God is good and sovereign. He wants to abundantly bless us.

As it is written,{ Psalm 37:4 }Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.


Lastly, my sweet friend Brittany, gave me this poem in college that I have kept as a prayer in my heart. So I want to share it with you.

Be Satisfied With Me 

Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone,
To have a deep soul relationship with another,
To be loved thoroughly and exclusively.

But to a Christian, God says, “No, not until you are satisfied,
Fulfilled and content with being loved by Me alone,
With giving yourself totally and unreservedly to Me.
With having an intensely personal and unique relationship with Me alone.

Discovering that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found,
Will you be capable of the perfect human relationship,
That I have planned for you.
You will never be united to another
Until you are united with Me.
Exclusive of anyone or anything else.
Exclusive of any other desires or longings.
I want you to stop planning, to stop wishing, and allow Me to give you
The most thrilling plan existing . . . one you cannot imagine.
I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.

You just keep watching Me, expecting the greatest things.
Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am.
Keep listening and learning the things that I tell you.
Just wait, that’s all. Don’t be anxious, don’t worry
Don’t look around at things others have gotten
Or that I have given them
Don’t look around at the things you think you want,
Just keep looking off and away up to Me,
Or you’ll miss what I want to show you.
And then, when you’re ready, I’ll surprise you with a love
Far more wonderful than you could dream of.

You see, until you are ready, and until the one I have for you is ready,
I am working even at this moment
To have both of you ready at the same time.
Until you are both satisfied exclusively with Me
And the life I prepared for you,
You won’t be able to experience the love that exemplified your relationship with Me.
And this is perfect love.

And dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love,
I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with Me.
And to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection and love that I offer you with Myself.
Know that I love you utterly. I AM God.
Believe it and be satisfied




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okay… so if you browse my “new” website briefly… it is quite empty. BUT. that’s alright with me. I have to start somewhere, right?

I’ve been thinking for a little while…okay….for a LONG time I have been pondering this idea of a website that can communicate my passions to the “world”. yeah, I know the internet isn’t quite the world. I do believe, however, that God will use this however he deems necessary.

my passions: glorifying God, loving people, encouraging and inspiring, fitness, food, wine, coffee, reading, catch my drift? (I am terrible at idioms- but I THINK that works, feel free to correct me)

as the new title says… this hopefully will be a resource to you for healthy recipes. fitness motivation and inspiration for joyful and purposeful living. only made possible by Gods unconditional love and grace.

I have also included 2 pages that I am incredibly excited about [Boni’s Recipes] and [Gilda’s Recipes] I included these two because for those of you that know me, you KNOW my parents are phenomenal in the kitchen and it is a big part of what defines them, which ultimately defines me somewhat. and I promise, their recipes will be A LOT better than mine.

I will caution y’all: if you are very uptight about grammar, punctuation…etc… this probably isn’t the best blog to follow…quite honestly the reason why I have put this off for so long is because I stink at all that stuff. so my apologies in advance. (note: while I was typing this my computer underlined “grammer”- UM my point exactly- this gal doesn’t even know how to spell ” grammar”) Jesus loves me despite this weakness.

anyways, I promise I will do my best to be as transparent as possible. I am so looking forward to God using my “tapestry” to reveal threads of His oh so glorious grace.